About Us


On August 1st, 2000 West Central Ag Services was formed from Felton Farmer’s Elevator of Felton, Ada and Glyndon, and Tri-County Coop of Ulen and Hitterdal.  At the time no one could have predicted the growth and potential that was ahead in just 15 short years.  Through excellent leadership from the Board of Directors and CEO, Jesse McCollum, West Central Ag Services has gone from the local elevator to the largest grain handling facility in northwestern Minnesota while maintaining their cooperative organization and servicing all farmer’s big and small.  Although it hasn’t always been easy, they have continued to grow each year and still astonishing all those who say small towns are dwindling. The current Ulen facility can be seen for miles, and going from handling 15M bushels of grain in 2001 to 22M bushels in 2009, expansion was necessary.  
West Central Ag Services merged its agronomy and seed departments with Triangle Agronomy to form Triangle Ag LLC.  WCAS owned fifty percent of Triangle Ag LLC and was excited about growth potentail.
West Central Ag Services also purchased the Flom-Ulen Coops, embarking on a whole new journey in the petroleum business, along with some convenience store, hardware, and mechanical shop endeavors.
West Central Ag Services built a new facility just outside of Ada in 2008.  This location could better serve the farmers than the location downtown, and with a new facility, the elevator could become more efficient and productive for years to come. 
West Central Ag Services C-Store and Shop opened its doors in Ulen in September of 2008, bringing a modern approach to selling hardware, groceries, petroleum and mechanical services. 
Expansion of Fert plant, liquid fertilizer, and CPP storage shed.
Added Foxhome Ag in September.
Main Office Addition took place in September.
West Central Ag Services became the sole owner of Triangle Ag, LLC
Central Plains Ag open Fert plant in Hannaford
Sept. – WCAS merged in the Ada-Beltrami Co-op to expand upon its C-Store division and Energy department.
            New CPP Shed/Office in Foxhome
            Added Park Rapids – Spring
            Added Perham Facility – Fall

Sold the Glyndon facility to a private owner/producer.
Triangle Ag, LLC is no longer in Operation – All business is being conducted as West Central Ag Services.
June -WCAS merged in the Beltrami Farmers Elevator and began an expansion of this facility.  This expansion will increase the storage and the train loading facilities.
The WCAS Board of Directors has approved the construction of Fertilizer facilities in Beltrami, and Foxhome.  This will now provide for 3 major Agronomy hubs.
The Directors of West Central Ag Services approved a credit policy which took effect January 1, 2013