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We are using this new free app and want to share it with you. It's a great way to keep track of all your fields. Check it out and see for yourself...

Climate Basic is a free service that optimizes a farmer’s daily decision making by providing up to-the-minute, field-level workability, weather, soil and crop growth stage information as well as collecting and organizing field notes, scouting observations and logging to share across your organization and fill out reports and claims.  Rather than just provide weather data, Climate Basic is helping a famer understand where he can go and what he can do in his fields that increase efficiency and effectiveness of his decision making.

Climate Basic provides farmers with a free and easy to use tool that supports smarter daily decision making and that will save them time and increase yields through the following features:

  • Field-level weather, workability and growth stage tracking in a single platform helps growers stay on top of their operations and streamline and improve decision making.
  • Current field-level conditions and forecasts help growers better plan planting, tillage, spraying and harvest to save valuable time.
  • Alerts delivered via text, email and mobile give growers the ability to adjust decision making as conditions change, saving time and preventing lost yield.
  • Integrated logging of scouting observations, notes, field activities and weather helps growers make timely decisions that can improve yields and supports collaboration across an operation.
  • Getting started with Climate Basic is easy.  Anyone can go to and click the “Get Started” button to register for a free account. Simply provide an e-mail address and create a password and you will have an account that can be used for unlimited access to Climate Basic features.  
  • After you create an account, you will need to save a few fields to your account for which you want to receive on-demand field condition data. Saving fields is as simple as searching [click] the US by address, zip code, city, county or any other location variable you can find on a Google map. And then you just click on a field that you want to monitor. Fields in the US appear on the map and you just need to click on a field and give it a name to save it to your account.
  • Finally, after you create an account and save at least one field, you can download the android, iPhone, or iPad app, and start immediately getting current field condition reports for the fields you have saved to your account.