New Year, New Growing Season

Jan 03, 2020

As 2019 has come to an end, it's time to get serious for 2020. WCAS agronomists bring you five points to consider for your plan A and plan B..
1. Data analysis. Be sure to look at and use all the data that is available to help make the best possible decisions. Test plot data, yield data, satellite imagery, and forecasting models are great tools to help in making these decisions. Climate FieldView™  is a program that WCAS recommends in helping to analyze all this information.
2. Field conditions. After a drawn out, wet, and cold harvest post-harvest field conditions vary considerably. There are a lot of fields that did not get tilled this fall, which may lead to additional tillage passes in the spring to get the seedbed prepared properly. Crop rotation and cropping practices will dictate how to manage the residues left from the fall.
3. Develop a plan. Work with trusted advisers; agronomists, retailers, business partners to build a plan for 2020. Fertilizer recommendations, seed placement, chemical programs are all things that can be developed now and be ready for implementation. Also come up with a Plan B, don't rely on just the initial plan and then not be prepared in the case of something changing. 
4. Spring of 2019 was a CHALLENGE! Spring of 2020 could be a bigger CHALLENGE!! Sit down with fertilizer supplier(s) and make a plan. Get your fertilizer recommendations and maps organized now. The more organized everyone is now makes for a much easier spring. 
5. Start right finish strong. The saying goes the highest yield potential of any crop is when the seed is still in the bag. Once the seed is planted its yield potential can only decrease. Make sure the seedbed is prepared properly, no amount of fertilizer or inputs can fix poor seed placement. Plan for mitigating potential in-season crop stresses by using in-season imagery, tissue samples, and soil samples. Make adjustments as needed with in-season nutritional applications and pesticide applications. 
We are here to help if you have any questions on planning for your 2020 growing season! Give one of our locations a call. 

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