Helping growers maximize profits through competitive pricing

Grain Services

At West Central Ag Services, we offer competitive prices to our farmers by maintaining relationships with multiple buyers and keeping on top of trends in the soybean, corn and wheat markets. We’re capable of taking in 65 million bushels every season. 
Each of West Central Ag’s grain facilities offers the convenience of on-farm pickup. Our fleet of 25 trucks and trailers can haul various grains, fertilizers and seeds throughout northwestern Minnesota, and we can also load grain out via rail at our Ulen and Beltrami locations. Both methods provide access to a number of off-site bins that aid in separating the many different crops we handle. Our facilities are located in: 

Ulen, Minnesota

  • 12 million bushel storage capacity 
  • Access to rail 
  • Drying services 

Beltrami, Minnesota

  • 8 million bushel storage capacity 
  • Access to rail 
  • Drying services   

Felton, Minnesota

  • 625,000 bushel storage capacity

Ada, Minnesota

  • 550,000 bushel storage capacity

Elevator Hours

Our elevator hours change during the harvest season, see below the current hours of operation.

Click below to see the site map for grain delivery in Ulen

Current Elevator Hours 

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday - Closed
*Weather permitting

Knowledgeable Marketing Staff

There’s a lot of volatility in the grain market, so having a solid marketing plan in place goes a long way in maximizing success and profitability. West Central Ag Services has a team of six employees dedicated to helping farmers fine-tune their marketing strategies, offering a wide variety of services to provide a number of purchase contract options. We also offer CHS hedging and auction services at our Ulen and Beltrami locations, and several of our merchandisers are licensed brokers. 

We also hold marketing info meetings at each of our grain locations to help growers fine-tune their marketing strategies. These are held every couple of weeks throughout the year, except during the busy spring work and fall harvest periods. 

Contract options

 We offer the following types of contracts at West Central Ag Services: 

Futures Fixed

Basis Fixed

Delayed Pricing

Over the Counter (OTC)

Specialty Contracts

Cash Contracts

Forward Pricing

Main Office

Merchandisers & Locations

Grain Locations
We operate four grain locations, two of which contain drying facilities*. Click on the respective link below for location and contact information.