Schedules & Charges

Discount Schedules, Storage & HTA Charges

Grain Storage & Discount Schedules

WCAS is ending 2023 fees for Futures Fixed contracts:

Wheat Sep. 24 Beyond: 10 cents
Corn Dec. 24 Beyond: 10 cents
Soybeans Nov. 24 Beyond: 20 cents

WCAS will not be averaging corn test weight discounts.

All Discount Schedules are subject to change.
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We will be offering free storage on all corn and soybean deliveries after Jan 1st. Currently offering free storage on wheat delivered after Dec 1st.

*All deliveries prior to the free storage period will be charged storage according to the program that the grain was hauled under. Storage charges will not stop on harvest delivery grain.*
All soybean contracts unpriced versus January futures will need to be priced or rolled by the end of this week. Please call a merchant for pricing/rolling options.
We will begin posting a new crop 2023 soybean bid at -50X.
Checks on deferred grain will be ready on January 3rd. Please let us know if you would like a check ready that morning. Also note that only grain settled or deferred in the current fiscal year will qualify for dividends for that fiscal year. Any grain that is not paid or deferred until 2023 will qualify for the 2023 dividend instead.

HTA Fees

New Crop 2024 & 2025 HTA Fees:

2024 HTA Changes
New Crop 2024
Wheat – 5c
Corn – 5c
Soybeans – 10c
New Crop 2025
Wheat  – 10c
Corn – 10c
Soybeans – 20c