Schedules & Charges

Discount Schedules, Storage & HTA Charges

Grain Storage & Discount Schedules

Futures fixed contracting fees:

Wheat Sep. 25 Beyond: 5 cents
Corn Dec. 25 Beyond: 5 cents
Soybeans Nov. 25 Beyond: 10 cents

WCAS will not be averaging corn test weight discounts.

 We will be offering open storage on 2023 harvest grain at 10 cents/month. Max of 30 cents on soybeans, corn, and wheat.

All Discount Schedules are subject to change.

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HTA Fees

New Crop 2025 & 2026 HTA Fees:

New Crop 2025
Wheat 5c
Corn 5c
Soybeans 10c 

New Crop 2026
Wheat 10c
Corn 10c
Soybeans 20c