2023 – One for the West Central Ag Services Record Books.

Mar 15, 2024

West Central Ag Services is finalizing our analysis for the 2023 Fiscal year, and planning for another successful year in 2024. It is safe to say that all of you, our patrons, with your unwavering support, is what drove us to a record year. Reflecting on the past year, here are some things that stand out when we talk about 2023:

The year began with very favorable prices for commodities and many snow drifts making grain movement challenging. The challenges continued into spring when our planting window was condensed into a very tight timeframe. Our Agronomy operations performed incredibly well under pressure, and we went from completely full fertilizer sheds and warehouses to being completely swept out in less than 30 days. The speed in which you and your farming operations can plant a crop in the spring and take it off at harvest never ceases to amaze us. The strong prices in the spring encouraged all acres to be planted in our trade area for the first time in over 5 years.

We spent most of the summer cleaning out bins and preparing for a crop with a lot of uncertainty due to the lack of moisture in much of our trade area. The fall was not much different than the spring. When the combines started rolling our elevators were extremely busy. We appreciated your patience, and the patience of your employees as they withstood the lines during harvest. This fall, on our top day, we saw a consolidated total of 1376 trucks dumped, equating to 939,492 bushels of grain. We followed that record day with many days dumping over 600k bushels daily. Once again the investments that you have allowed us to make paid huge dividends when we needed them.

The favorable fall weather allowed for a record number of fertilizer tons to be spread in preparation for the 2024 crop year. Last but not least, our company financials were positively impacted by many of these market influences.

Our board and management team continually strive to position us for the future as you will see in our annual report, if you are unable to attend our annual meeting, and would like a copy of our financial handout, please contact us or stop by one of our locations.

On behalf of our management team, THANK YOU for entrusting us with your business. Thank you for your support in 2023 and we look forward to serving your needs in 2024.

-WCAS Management Team

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