All Your Finance Questions, Answered.

Mar 05, 2024

Running a successful farming operation means getting the most out of every acre, plus the most value for your investment. West Central Ag Services is committed to offering its producers as many options as possible when it comes to the success of your operation. Our finance division is no exception. 

What type of financing does West Central Ag Services offer?
West Central Ag Services offers multiple financing options for producers to utilize in purchasing the inputs needed for their operations.  These options range from full operating lines of credit to input only (convenience loans) to distributor based finance programs.  We also provide equipment and real estate term loans.

Who is eligible to borrow?
West Central Ag Services patrons are eligible to apply for all available programs.

What are your current interest rates?
We offer a number of programs through multiple sources with competitive interest rates. 

Can I participate in multiple finance offerings?
Absolutely!  We can help you come up with a plan which will maximize your savings utilizing all the programs available to you.

What are the main advantages of the programs?
Not only do the programs have very competitive interest rates, but we take care of your West Central Ag Services account payments for you as long as you have loan funds available.  Allowing you to save time and have peace of mind while you’re busy in the field.

How do I get started?
Stop by or call your agronomist to make an appointment.  We can help get everything started for you!

Who do I contact for more information?
Please give us a call or stop by and see us. Let's work together to make sure you are getting the most out of every dollar. Tracy Gratton - Ulen office - 218-596-8821.

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