Mahnomen Planting Update

May 14, 2024

Mahnomen WCAS planting update:

The crew in Mahnomen has been staying busy this planting season.

 As of today, the fertilizer plant has loaded out 19,010 tons of fertilizer and the floaters have applied 40,261 acres of fertilizer so far.

The seed division has loaded out 44,221 bushels of wheat, 18,220 units of corn seed, and 32,788 units of soybean seed ( just getting started with soybeans.)

Liquid fertilizer has been moving at a great pace as well with 145,543 gallons loaded out already.

The new addition has helped by being able to hold most of our fertilizer needs and cutting back on season transfers.

We still have acres to float and seed to go out, so let’s continue to be carful and stay safe.

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